Judge Antonia Arteaga Recognized as a “Gold Medal Judge”

Houston, TX, September 10, 2012 – Judge Antonia Arteaga was recognized as a “Gold Medal Judge” by presenter Mark Lanier in the session “The Gold Medal Judge” at the 2012 Judicial Conference. The session was designed to illustrate what makes a great judge, not from the viewpoint of a plaintiff’s or defense attorney, but from a purely fair, effective and judicial aspect. Mr. Lanier, in particular, sought to highlight those judges that had taught him something about the practice of law or the role of a judge.

Upon trying a case in Judge Arteaga’s court, Mr. Lanier found that “Judge Arteaga was always kind. Not just to the lawyers. Not just to our clients…but went out of her way to be kind to the jury.” Mr. Lanier was impressed with a judge “…who, young on the bench, knows when to be firm and knows when to be polite.” He steadfastly announced her a “Gold Medal Judge”.

The Annual Judicial Conference, held this year in Houston from September 9-12, had an estimated 540 judges in attendance. While Judge Arteaga could not attend this year’s conference, her recognition was applauded by many of her colleagues. “It is an honor to be among the judges recognized,” she said.